Fix WeedMaps/Leafly Syncing Issues (July 2016)

Some clients are experiencing issues with duplicate products in their WeedMaps and Leafly menus, or automatic updates not completing, or manual syncing returning errors.

We recently updated our API and if the items were originally synced with the old API this can result in the problems above. Here are the steps to fix:

  1. Log into your WeedMaps account and navigate to "Account" in the top right menu after clicking on your name/logo.
  2. Find the dispensary menu you'd like to edit, if you have multiple. Click the Action button and then "Menu Items"
  3. Once viewing Menu Items, look down the "ID" column - if the IDs start with 6, its because those items were added by the old version of the API. If they start with 7, they were added by the new API version. If all your IDs start with 7 and you are still having issues, please contact support. If you see 6's, these steps should fix your problem.
  4. Click the checkbox on the top left that selects every item on the page, then press the red "Delete" button. Repeat this until there are no more menu options left.
  5. Now we'll go back into your MJ Freeway account, navigate to Admin > Settings > Integrations then Menu Export Settings tab. 
  6. Expand the WeedMaps/Leafly section by clicking the green heading. In the bottom of the section check the box "Please run an update of my products on WeedMaps/Leafly immediately when I save these changes. I understand this may take a few moments." If in the WeedMaps section checking that box will show another checkbox for "When running immediately, do a fresh sync of all products. This is needed if you've deleted products on Weedmaps' website and are out of sync." 
  7. Click the Save button at the bottom of the MJ Freeway page. The manual sync will run - after it has completed, log into your WeedMaps/Leafly account and you should see all your menu items. They should all have IDs that start with a 7.
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