Oregon - Transfered In/ Out Reports

Recently the State of Oregon has required a monthly report for the previous months inventory and transfers. 

Those reports are located within the report center under the title of Transfers in and Transfers Out

This report requires that product categories have the proper product type selected.

To create a new product type Navigate to Admin > Customize Lists > Product Type

You can customize the terminology as well as add new terms based on Oregon regulations.

For your convenience, here are the terms listed in this Document, but you should ALWAYS verify all regulations with your own legal counsel or compliance officer:


Once the Product types have been created, you will need to associate those to the proper product category. If you navigate to Admin > Customize lists > Catalog. Each term will need to be edited to add the product type.

Once the product category has been updated with the correct product type, you can run the transfer in or transfer out report for the date range selected. It also has a filter on it for patients groups.


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