Oregon State Label Updates for October 1, 2016

In this section we will cover the different data entry points for updating existing inventory as well as when bringing in new inventory.

1. Existing inventory will need to have the package information updated to provide needed info on the label for display. Start off by navigating to Inventory and Products. We will only need to update medicated items.



2. Click on the stock level for pre packaged inventory and then edit each one of the active packages



2. Within the package details update the necessary Harvest date, Package date and Expiration date. The METRC tags will go into the additional ID field on this page once the tags have been assigned.



3. Click save at the bottom of the Page to hold the changes.

4. Test Results will also need to be updated. There are new fields within the test results that will push info to the final inventory and point of sale labels. A new field has been added for Test Batch Number. Laboratory name field will need to be filled out, it will print out to the final label.




5. For items that require Per Serving displayed. Additional fields have been added for THC and CBD total MG content is also available.



6. Product Type mapping to Product Categories (Catalog) is also needed for label printing as well as reporting in Oregon.

Navigate to Admin and Customize Lists, the click on list terms next to Catalog. Each term will need to be updated for reporting and label printing purposes. From the State Product Type drop down, select the best match for the category term.



 7. Products have also had new data fields added for labeling requirements. Net weight of product, Serving Size, This edible must be refrigerated or frozen, and activation time have been added.



Troubleshooting - If your labels print out only the Oregon warning logo. The category has not yet been mapped. Navigate to Admin > Customize lists and select the proper State Product Type from the drop down. Click save at the bottom of the page before navigating away.


For any questions contact MJ Freeway support at 888-932-6537 ext 1 or

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