Mapping Product Types in Oregon

Due to Oregon's complex regulatory environment, there are two different agencies that have two different lists of "Product Types".

  • Under OMMP settings, the Product Types are used in the In/Out Reports.
  • Under OLCC settings, the Product Types are used to print type-specific labels.


You'll need to choose a Product Type for each Category under Admin > Customize Lists > Catalog > List Terms > edit. Since categories are shared across locations in MJ Freeway, there are a few different approaches you may need to take:


If you have only OLCC location(s) or only OMMP location(s) on your URL, you can simply choose the correct Product Type for the category.

If you have an OLCC location AND an OMMP location on the same URL, you'll want to map from the OLCC side. The OMMP location will use the OLCC Product Type to determine which label to print, according to this list:

Usable Marijuana (Flower) - Flower label
Cannabinoid edibles - Edible label
Cannabinoid topicals - Topical label
Cannabinoid tinctures - Tincture label
Cannabinoid capsules - Edible label
Cannabinoid suppositories - Default label
Cannabinoid transdermal patches - Topical label
Cannabinoid concentrate in solid form - Concentrate label
Cannabinoid concentrate in liquid form - Concentrate label
Cannabinoid extract in solid form - Concentrate label
Immature marijuana plants - Plant label
Seeds - Seed label
Cannabinoid product other than product listed above - Default label

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