Oregon OLCC Transaction Limits

This section will cover the setup of product limits at the point of sale for Oregon OLCC license holders.


Start off navigating to Admin and Customize Lists, each category term that is medicated will need to be updated. Match your category term to the Sales Limit Product Type within the drop down menu.

Depending on the category, products details will need to be updated. The limits conversions are as follows.

  • Liquid Cannabinoid Product (72oz)
  • Solid Cannabinoid Product (16oz)
  • Concentrates or Extracts (5g)
  • Usable Marijuana (28g)
  • Immature Plants (4 units)
  • Seeds (10 units)

Note that these limits must look at different fields on the product.

  • Liquid and Solid Cannabinoid Products - look at the "Net Weight of Product" field on the Product
  • Concentrates and Usable Marijuana - look at the "Package Net MMJ" field on the package
  • for any Bulk Products, need to look at the "Weight to deduct from inventory" on the line item
  • Immature Plants and Seeds are based on individual unit sales



If you have any questions please contact MJ Freeway support 888-932-6537 ext 1 or

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