December 1, 2016 Release Notes

MJ Freeway is releasing several features and enhancements on 12/1/16. Please see
the details below and don't hesitate to contact our support team at
1-888-932-6537 x1 or at if you have any questions or

  1. New Mexico State Integration -  patient sales limits Updates
    1. GramTracker will check the state database using Patient's ID
    2. GramTracker will display the Patient's state-wide level in the POS and block sales that go over the limit


  1. Report Center time out message for reports taking longer than 15 min
    1. if a report takes longer than 15 minutes, the "running" status will change to "This report has timed out, please try again with a smaller data set."


  1. Inventory reconciliation report - added UOM for "Grand Total"


  1. Leafly integration - Data fields on the Admin integration page were updated


  1. Report Center update - scheduled reports can now be run hourly


  1. Widen the batch field to display 24 characters on the purchase order and Inventory Package Page


  1. Leaf Integration updates for Fulfillment center and inventory adjustments


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