San Jose, CA - Label Setup

In this section we will cover how to get the necessary info onto labels for San Jose, CA.


First, make sure your collectives name and address have been updated under Admin  > Locations > Setup Locations.

Edit the location you are currently located at.


At the top of the page, in the Dispensary Name field, enter the business title you would like to have show up on your labels. Also include the physical address for the business in the proper field.

Also, lower on this page, is the Address data fields. Click on Address to see the data fields.



Save at the bottom of the page when done updating.

Next, Navigate to Admin > Settings > General Settings.


Under Label Printer Settings. Select under POS Print Label Button Behavior Print default label for selected item and under Default Label for printing from POS select Detailed customer data label (small 2x1)


Also, update the 2x1" disclaimer "Contains Medical Marijuana"



*Note this requires batch tracking to be enabled. If your site does not have batch tracking enabled you will need to contact MJ Freeway Support at 888-932-6537 ext 1 or



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